Our more photographed pools may belong to our more famous clients, however our recent and lesser known accomplishments have eclipsed those in beauty and efficiency. We work in tandem with the finest swimming pool specific engineers in the world. Casual Water Pools is currently the only swimming pool builder to achieve the coveted Green Building Professionals from the National Association of Home Builders.

Utilizing our own construction equipment and a veteran staff, we will manage your project effectively for quality and assured delivery time. We are on site throughout the entire process; the initial layout, forming, excavation and steel work then gunite installation. That is known as the superstructure of the pool; in most cases delivered within 10 working days. Once the superstructure is complete, the

finish work commences with the coping installation, the filtration system and tile installation (not shown below), and the finished product. The entire process is completed in four to six weeks. We look forward to discussing with you the substance of our pools, that are the most beautiful, functional and energy efficient pools in the world.