‘O’Neills for Italian food? In Sicily?’  You may have clicked on Hamptons or North Fork real estate or Googled swimming pools to find this article. You’ll have to be patient; I’ll get to the point (eventually).  Read More…

‘New Beginnings, And I Feel Fine’ December 21, 2012, came and went and the world did not end. Fortunately, many believe that the Mayan calendar signified a transition on that the date and it marks the start of time in which Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation. For countless people, 21 December 2012, marked the beginning of a new era. Read More…

‘Reality vs. Reality’ I was having a discussion with a good friend of mine about perception and reality. He made the often cited reference to two realities. He said that I have my reality and you have yours. I explained that I am of the opinion that there is one reality and that there can be perceptions of reality.

‘Hamptons Pool Service: There Is No Justification In Being Cruel To Be Kind’ Service, as defined by Webster, is “an act of kind assistance.” In the Hamptons there can be arrogance among service companies, especially swimming pool service companies. I’ve seen it for over 30 years…Read More

‘What Goes Around Comes Around’

What Goes Around Comes Around – Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. ….Read More

‘Old School Is No School’

Real Estate professionals continue learning their craft well beyond their first years in the business. Brokers keep up with the latest changes in zoning, mortgage rates, comps, and market trends. Imagine if you represented a client who was buying a home and quoted information from 1995? Believe it or not, many swimming pool builders operate this way. The old school builder operates this way. ….Read More

‘Endless Pools’

Labor Day is right around the corner, and the summer season is once again coming to a close. The end of the summer means an end to the outdoor family barbeques, fewer days spent at the beach, and the seasonal closing of the Hamptons icon, the backyard pool. ….Read More

‘The Four-Hour Work Week? – Not In This Business’

Bridgehampton – I received some wonderful feedback on an article I wrote for earlier this year. The topic was “The Power of We” and the practices of business as outlined the brilliant book written by Jonathan Tisch. ….Read More

‘Penny Wise And Pound Foolish’

A colleague of mine in the swimming pool industry told me a story that I found difficult to believe. It reminded me of what my grandmother used to say to me, “Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish!” At five years old I wasn’t sure what she meant. Now I know. ….Read More

‘The Power Of We’ – Swimming Pool And Real Estate Professionals

There are many business books available that promise the keys to wealth, power and success. I like to read or skim through them as frequently as possible. The catchiest titles promise a magic formula. Quite often, I think the message of so many of these books could have….Read More

Swimming Pool Construction Industry Keeps Afloat With Real Estate Market

The swimming pool construction industry is learning how to thrive in the new economy in much the same way as real estate brokers. Nationwide there is an active debate regarding the value of a home for sale with a swimming pool as opposed to a home without a pool…Read More

Green: Home Buyers Need Facts

Green. The word makes me skeptical. Most perspective home buyers want to know about energy efficiencies, they want to know about solar; they want to know about their carbon footprint, they want to know their return on investment for specific purchases they may make…Read More

Vanishing Edge Pools

The Hamptons Real Estate professional is called upon to have a wider and wider breadth of knowledge. When the time comes for your client to build their dream swimming pool it is wise to know the popular terms and what goes into the proper construction of…Read More

The New Hamptons Pool, Stunning And Eco-Friendly

Although bordered by miles of America’s most beautiful coastline, an equally essential aquatic element of Hamptons living is the pool. That said, things have changed dramatically since…Read More

H2-Oh! Things will go swimmingly with Casual Water

Casual Water has been the premier pool design, installation and consulting firm in the Hamptons since Greg Kirwan and Michael Hartman opened the business almost 17 years ago. They stand out by handling all aspects of the industry, from brand-new pool design-and-building…Read More