The owners are Certified Building Professionals with the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. The APSP is the largest swimming pool trade association in the world, and the CBP designation is their top honor. Only the best-in-trade achieve this distinction. We maintain all required licenses and insurances to administer our trade. Casinos are for gambling; your property demands industry professionals only. Check out our qualifications.

Experience: We began this company in Spring 1994 and have been doing business throughout eastern Suffolk County for over twenty years and our workmanship, products and reputation stand for themselves. We are easily among the most successful pool companies in this area. Our durability and longevity are no accident. Our successes are the direct result of hard work and dedication to our clients by keeping up with industry standards, advances and market trends.

To be truly successful in your trade you need to keep up with your industry. We belong to many trade associations and train within them all. Along with earning APSP’s highest distinction, we are also the first (and currently the only) pool builders to earn the NAHB designation of “Certified Green Professional.”


Our #1 concern is safety. We hope to never share with you the nightmare stories we are privy to. As parents ourselves, we recognize the inherent dangers of mixing children with water. We can teach you how to incorporate the best safety features for your family and put your mind at ease.


With little investment we can eliminate chlorine for good while simultaneously turning your pool/spa into bottled drinking water quality. Doesn’t that sound refreshing? Let us prove it to you. Advances in automated water treatment and floor cleaning systems assure breathtaking water quality; it’s inexpensive and easy.


Can a pool be “green?” Years ago that was a sign of poor service; today we know we can save you up to 75% of the energy draw that many pool builders require to operate their “cheaper pool packages.” Save a dollar today, spend three dollars tomorrow. That’s not a bargain. Energy efficiency must be considered at day one; retrofitting a poorly engineered gunite pool can get expensive. Casual Water Pools and Spas can pay for themselves in energy savings within the original warranty period.


We have a long standing company policy that we will never bad-mouth a competitor to get a job. To do so would be completely unprofessional. Our emphasis is on our own products. We stand by what we build; we honor our warranty to the letter.