We have an emphasis on safety, energy efficiency and green building technology.

Casual Water Pool & Spa Construction 4.0 utilizes the best science has to offer in the design and installation of our new pools and spas, and our restoration crews bring our existing pools and spas up to 21st century standards.

Since our inception in 1994, Casual Water’s reliability and responsiveness have been the keys to developing the long-term client relationships for which we are known. Building thousands of pools on the East End in our 20+ years, Casual Water is a proud leader in innovation, helping to introduce new technology and Eco-friendly solutions to discerning clients both old and new.

Our experience and stability are the keys to our success. Simply put, we build the safest, cleanest, most energy efficient pools in the galaxy.

Casual Water founders, Mike Hartman and Greg Kirwan travel the country and the world, attending seminars and schools to continually hone their craft. They are experts in every aspect of pool construction and possess the most advanced knowledge in safety, water quality and energy efficiency. Our pools are stunningly beautiful, functionally sound and use the best technology that science has to offer.

With 25+ years in the trade, Gregory is a US Army Veteran and studied Business Administration at Long Island University. He is the Founder and current CEO of Casual Water. Gregory’s skills in design and sales are top notch and he takes great pride in each project. Gregory feels that if you do an honest job at an honest price, you will always have work.

Also a 25+ year veteran of the swimming pool and spa industry, Michael is a Graduate of Long Island University and President of Casual Water since 1996. He partners with Gregory in sales and design. His strength is management of all phases of construction which guarantees excellence in the final product. Michael feels that when you get the job done right the first time; on time and on budget, your clients become your sales force.