Casual Water is the only swimming pool company to achieve the coveted Green Builder Certification from the National Association of Home Builders. Incorporating the best products and ideas that science has to offer our “High Performance (Green) Pools” are truly the best in the World.

All Casual Water Swimming Pools and Spas conform to Local Building Codes and National Safety Standards. We are VGB compliant and APSP industry certified builders. We increase the level of safety set forth in the above standards with Intelligent Hydraulic Design, and then add Retractable Safety Covers for a nearly impenetrable barrier to children.

Casual Water will have you swimming in Crystal Clear Mineral Water, so clean you can drink it! (just add ice). It’s cleaner than the tap water in your house and cleaner than the water you shower in. Honestly!

Casual Water also provides salt systems, ozone systems and traditional chlorine. We have been sanitizing pools with each method as they have become available since 1994. Pool water chemistry and purification is a passion of ours.

The combination of Intelligent Hydraulic design, the industry’s best Variable Speed Motors and a built-in Retractable Safety Cover make Casual Water Pools and Spas the most Energy Efficient in the Hamptons. Period.